As the weather becomes less predictable and storms more dangerous and destructive, having power outages are more likely. Unfortunately, those power outages can come from the grid which can take Ontario Hydro hours or days to fix. On the other hand, the damage may be localized to your own property.
In fact, high winds are more likely to cause significant damage to your home’s electrical system, especially for older homes and properties that have overhead wires and aging infrastructure.
Here are three things that can be damaged in a storm.

  1. Outdoor lights – Whether they are dusk til dawn, solar spot lights, or wall sconces, light stick out and the wind can tear them off the wall.
  2. Wall masts – Some take power to outbuildings, others lead to the power grid and beyond. Many are old pieces of wood that have rotted over time and break from the wind.
  3. Backup power systems – Solar, wind, and geothermal systems are all out in the weather and can either be damaged directly or the wires themselves can be compromised.

The unpredictable weather is causing more damage to our homes either by wind or precipitation. While some of these are easily fixed or replaced, others need an electrical contractor.