Once you recognize the damage caused by a storm, you will quickly realize that some of it will or has already cascaded to other electrical elements of your home. You can take care of some of this damage, however often you will need an electrician.
Once you’ve decided to call your electrician, here is the process that will be taken to fix your situation.

  1. Your electrical contractor will file for a permit with the Electrical Safety Authority. This will ensure there is a record of the work being completed.
  2. The work will be performed.
  3. After you electrician is finished, they will let the ESA know for inspection. Depending on the experience of the contractor, how long they’ve been operating, the nature of the work, and sometimes even randomly, an ESA inspector will check the work.
  4. The ESA and inspector will inform the utility that it is safe to reconnect if its necessary and as a consequence your power will be reconnected.

When it comes to some damage caused by the weather, it’s important that you have an electrician assess and perform the work. They will inform the proper channels and make sure that safety protocols are followed so your family and anyone else that could be affected are kept safe.