Are you thinking of doing a bathroom renovation? Change the tub or perhaps a full gut job? What have you decided for heat? Perhaps the forced air furnace that you’ve had for years? What about in-floor heating?
In-floor heating can be that little element that raises your bathroom from necessity to luxury. It’s a great complement for a Jacuzzi, offering the comfort you need on a cold winter day.
Here are three great reasons why you should choose in-floor heating over forced air or radiant heating.

  1. Energy savings. When you are heating your floor, you are focused on one thing, keeping the floor warm. Radiant heating has to heat the water up in the basement and transfer that water up floors to the radiator. There is a lot of heat loss during that process.
  2. Maintenance – Once it’s installed, there is little to no maintenance for years to come. By the time you have to worry about the maintenance, you’re likely thinking of a newer technology altogether.
  3. Works well with others – other floors that is. Once the sub-floor is laid, you can choose many different coverings that fit your circumstance. In fact, you don’t have to keep the in floor in the bathroom. You can choose the kitchen, living room, or basement.

Using in-floor heating is a great way to take your bathroom up a notch. It will transform that shocking awakening you inevitably get when you walk in the morning, especially if you choose a floor like porcelain or slate.