With it being so hot lately, many people are looking to cool down before they melt. Many of us don’t have a pool or access to the lake however and rely on other things to keep us cool.
Here are 4 things to keep you cool.

  1. Central air

This is usually installed by an HVAC professional who plumbs it into your forced air furnace system. It can be expensive, upwards of 3 or $4000, however it will keep your home temperature controlled through any heat spell. Just remember to close the windows when you turn it on.

  1. Air Conditioning Units

Window mounted units work well if you only want certain rooms cooled. It’s best to use a bed room so you can sleep well at night and you can keep the door closed.

  1. Fans

There are many different sized fans to choose from. They can be ceiling mounted which draw the heat away or stand alone which rely on moving air through your home. You can even get bladeless fans so your kids remain safe.

  1. Control Your Windows and Curtains

It doesn’t take an electrician for this one. Keeping your windows and curtains closed during the day will help chase the heat away. Just remember to open them at night so you can get that cool night air back into the house.
Though we’d all love to go for a dip, it isn’t always practical. Keep hydrated and safe during this hot spell.