Having an unobstructed view is wise for many things, but when it comes to your electrical wiring, it’s especially important. It can save time and money knowing where your wiring goes. Unfortunately, that can be difficult for older homes that only have crawl spaces or narrow passageways in the attic.
5 reasons to have a clear view of your electrical wiring

  1. Wildlife damage – Whether it’s a mouse, raccoon, or ants, your wiring can be compromised by creatures moving into your attic or basement. You want a clear view so you can easily get to the wiring and change it before that damage can cascade into bigger issue like a house fire.
  2. Transitioning wire – There are many older homes with wiring jobs that wouldn’t pass code today. Being able to find it is important.
  3. Renovations – Hidden wires or wires in places they shouldn’t be can be a disaster when you start a renovation project.
  4. The weather – Storms happen. You want to know your house is protected from dripping water.
  5. The Sun – Interior wire should never be used on exteriors. The sun and other elements will bring it down.

When it comes to your wiring, you want to make sure it’s accessible so you can fix or replace it in an emergency or find it for renovations.