Are you thinking of upgrading your vehicle?
With trends in vehicles going echo friendly, many people are thinking about electric vehicles. They are a great way to save the planet and on your fuel bill. Unfortunately they are just hitting the market and you want to make sure your travels ideas don’t get drained before you start.
That’s why you will want to put in a charging unit in your home.

  1. One of the first things you want to remember is that you need a licensed electrician to install the work. You’ve spent enough on the vehicle and you don’t want to void the warranty.
  2. You may want two ports. A garage is a great place to have the charger, but there will be times when you have the car in the driveway and you don’t want your cord to be a trip hazard. This is also a great way to make friends or let your clients charge their vehicles if you run your business from home.
  3. Your electrical panel needs to have room. This may mean updating your panel, or it may mean making sure you have enough room. In any case, the charger will need its own breaker.

It isn’t just a status symbol any more. Having an electric car is a great way to conserve the planet and having a charging port is a must if you are about to buy.