Are you sick of all the wiring in your home? Taking a look at your computer alone can be a nightmare, especially when you’re moving and things aren’t labelled properly.
Things that can go wireless

  1. Computer networks – From your computer to your printer to your network server, there are many things that you can lose the cord for.
  2. Lights – With the advent of connected homes, you don’t need to have your light switches close at hand. You can use your phone or even a wireless assistant like Alexa.
  3. Chargers – Whether it’s your phone or your car, you can set up wireless chargers for almost anything.
  4. Internet – Much like the network you use for the internet, the system itself can be wireless. No longer do you need a large dish on the top of your house to keep your kids watching YouTube.
  5. Home Theatre – You can obviously hide the cords going to your television, but these days you can even use your wireless system to view whatever you want. In fact, you can have your speakers wireless as well.

Are you ready for the wireless system? It takes a lot to set up and admittedly there is some wiring you need to do behind the walls, but eventually you can have a very smart and clean home.